Ireland - February 2005

Harriet has lots of fun in the toddler area with a friend
on the Stranraer to Belfast ferry.

We all had a great time visiting Auntie Barbara.

And Auntie Olive just round the corner.

We went on some great walks. It snowed one day, was sunny the next. We saw a lovely rainbow too.

We went round to Uncle Ernie's - he gave me lovely cream and jam,
a sherbert lolly and a pear ice lolly to help my teething. I was sick later!

It was good fun at Uncle Brian's.

It was nice to meet my cousins Isabel and Olivia. They gave me some tips on how to crawl.
There is also a movie of me learning to crawl (but only click on the link if you have broadband as it's 10mb).

Uncle Lawrence was very kind and let us stay at the Tubman farm at Dromard.

We went to see some ducks.

We had a lovely dinner at Auntie Olive's. It was there I finally cut my third tooth
- now it's dangerous to put your finger in my mouth!

We went to Mantlin to see Auntie Myrtle and my Great Grannie.

Then we went to see cousin emma.

I had the best time at Uncle Stanley's - Auntie Gwen had a great tractor.
There is also a movie of me riding the tractor (but only
click on the link if you have broadband as it's 7mb).

We stayed at the Manor House Hotel for one night. Maurice & Gillian
came to visit us in the bar. It was great.


We went to visit Uncle Andrew in Wexford and it was fun to play with Ellie & Tara.

Then we had to go back to mainland
Britain and queue in traffic.